Digital Signage


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There are different business models we offer that you can use depending on your needs:

We feature an exclusive network of local businesses that have agreed to partner with us to display monitor based advertisements in their businesses, comprised of different cross sections such as gyms, doctor’s offices, and retail areas that have the necessary requirements such as traffic flow but also more importantly areas where customers may take notice. For a small fee your business can advertise on this network and get in front of potential customers at a very low price.

Or if you need a way to get information to your own employees or promote your own services to your customers and want to be able to schedule your own content so it changes when needed we can help.

Need display monitor installation? No problem, we can help with site survey and installs. Monitors can be mounted to the ceiling or walls to minimize footprint. Why not use up wasted space to get your message out to your customers?

Our solutions are cloud based so changes can be made remotely and quickly to your display.

Here are also a few applications they may be used for:

Restaurants: Menu boards to schedule your content so that you can display specials of the day or have it change from breakfast menu, lunch and then dinner each day at a given time.

You may also use to display your catering services to your normal dine-in customers.

SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONAL: Institutions that have many customers or employees need a way to get important information or reminders out across a broad area, strategically placed units can be the answer.

Retail: All business struggle with marketing their other products that many times customers don’t realize they offer or are aware of current specials. With creative dynamic ads constantly running it will get the message seen.

Professional: Patients can get important information and useful facts pertaining to questions they may have prior to procedures while they are waiting to be seen, information can be updated quickly and easily.

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