Paper Guide

Cover Weight Sheets:

  • #67 vellum- typical uses are raffle tickets, this is a lightweight cover stock.
  • #65 cover-  smooth finish, slightly heavier and more rigid than vellum, good for handout cards & posters, comes in bright colors, the bright colors make it a good choice for door hangers and tickets.
  • #90 index- good for church visitor cards, index cards, durable yet lightweight cover.
  • #110 index- slightly heavier than the #90 index. This stock is commonly designated as the heaviest stock that can be ran on small desktop printers.
  • #80 cover- slightly heavier than #65 cover & #110 index, comes in smooth and linen finishes, also available in gloss finish,good for business cards, invitations and door hangers.
  • #100 cover- a nice sturdy sheet, good for postcards, business cards, invitations,  available in smooth or gloss.
  • 12 point cover- thick stock, usually comes coated on one or two sides, good for business cards, postcards, invitations  and rack cards.